Why it’s glorious to lose at love


It shows you where you made them the Source of your life… It reminds you that YOU are the Source of your life and Creation is here to support your dreams…

It gives you a chance to fall in love with yourself … And have Life be your Lover.

It gives you a chance to see where you stopped following your knowing and get back to listening to your Truth no matter what anyone says.

It’s a catalyst for your courage and boldness to awaken, to remember it’s a journey not about the goal or destination, that the only guarantee I. Life is change.

It humbles you, makes your grateful for simply things, makes you cherish moments of tenderness with strangers… And appreciate your next lover all the more…


  1. That’s true Allan. The source of my life supports my dreams and this is the biggest inspiration I have, is my family. Thank you for sharing this one.

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