Allowing $ Isn’t That Different Than Allowing LOVE

I’ve heard this in multiple places recently, and I think it was mentioned with you and Dr. Dain Heer in the Your Delicious Body DVD. He says to ‘allow’ wealth/money into your life. Someone else used the moniker “don’t focus on the how, instead allow” money. What does this mean to you?
I love this question so much I created a video for you!
To me, when I’ve bought into the lie of fear, the lie of lack, I go into seeking how to get something. I am pushing, getting, wanting, needing and feeling empty, scared, not good enough and I am in complete resistance to now, resisting a circumstance big time.
However, when I’m in allowance, it’s not that I’m pretending I necessarily like a circumstance, or even agree with it, it’s just that I exhale and stop resisting what is, I accept it is as it is right now, I let go of what I”m making ‘it’ mean right now, thus letting go of the need to change it and simply breathe, I’m OK.
All is OK right now. Check it out in your body… the seeking for me turns me into a scrunched up, hunched shoulders, vagina squeezing woman! My brow furrows and I spin in my head trying to figure out an strategy to get what I want, NOW!
Then imagine you have that which you desire. Let it in. Notice how your whole body relaxes, softens, open, allows, receives and may even feel peaceful, happy or even feel a flood of energy surging through you. Just because we wish things to be different doesn’t mean we have to resist them… what if you could allow what is, kind of with a curious point of view about it, and start to wonder what it would take to change it? What question could you ask to change it? I know this isn’t about money, but an example of allowance was the other day my son’s PS Vita chord was caught under the seat in the SUV. He was pulling it out in one direction and was frustrated. I think I was cheeky and said something like “Definitely keep pulling on it like that if you want to break it.”
I said it with a grin and a wink, yet he didn’t think I was funny. Perhaps I had forgotten the empathy of my non violent parenting class, so next I said, Looks like you’re pretty frustrated about not getting your PS Vita chord out of there, how annoying! He responded me to be being in allowance of his frustration by saying, YES Mom, exactly!!! Ok, now we were getting somewhere. Then I said, Looks like pulling it forward is making those two little ends catch on something, do you think? OBVIOUSLY Mom, he said with sarcasm.
I kept going, So what if you moved the seat of the chair back or forth to make more room for the two ends to slip out? This didn’t go so well as we were on a freeway and soon he was on a jarring roller coaster ride getting sea sick and getting more mad at me. I kept breathing being in allowance of his freaking out wondering what would happen next. We finally parked. He said, It’s gone forever. (so dramatic yet I remember being like that not so many years ago!) I have super long arms so I reached around behind and under the seat. I asked him to get out and look down under and see if he could see my hand. I suggested that if we pulled it out backward, maybe we’d solve the problem. Sure enough, team work and we got the damn chord out. He was elated. He even was kind enough to say, Thanks for not giving up on me, Mom.
I said, My pleasure love, I noticed that when we stayed calm and asked questions, we found a solution. It’s kind of like that with money and with love. Resisting having little money or little lovin’ in your life makes things worse and sticks you in what you’re resisting. Being with it, allowing it, coming to terms with what is, releasing the meaning of what you’re judging it to mean… all of that creates space for insight, awareness, magic. Maybe you really love having little money for some reason that if you’d admit to yourself, you could change it! Maybe you love being single for some reason that you haven’t taken the time to address. And sometimes it requires talking about money or love or both with a coach like me. I hear things when you talk. I see your blind spots.

I sense the energy on something you say and ask more questions in that direction. I uncover what’s blocking you in record time, it’s my gift and I’m grateful to be able to unstuck people and get that back in the flow with not only ease, but delicious juicy joy of living. So if you are ready for change, you’re ready to draw the line in the sand, you’ve had enough and you’re ready to put the time, energy and money toward changing your money reality, your relationship reality, your sex/intimacy/body reality… and you’re also ready to have WAY too much fun in the process….contact my staff at and let’s see if you quality for a discounted strategy session with me. What if a breakthrough in allowance is what’s required for you to have an abundance of love, money, bliss and pleasure? What would be possible in your life then?

Deliciously yours,


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