Affiliate Resources

This page is where you will come to find the latest information regarding all the resources available to you for the Affiliate program of Allana Pratt. Please bookmark this page and check back often as it is updated frequently with news, information, and exciting new products for you to deliver to your community.

Banners, links and reports can be found inside your affiliate control panel. This is an additional resources page, with add-on resources that we provide to help our affiliates with their success.

These resources include:


October 2017

Hello wonderful affiliates!

My name is Harper, the Affiliate Manager for Allana. It is my pleasure to assist you with anything related to affiliate work, product promotions, joint ventures, telesummit events, and more.  I would love to connect with each of you to grow our own relationships and see how your partnership with Allana can be mutually beneficial.

You can reach out to me any time at

Don’t forget to find me on Twitter @TeamAllana. It’s a great way to get to know one another and stay up-to-date. I’d love to really get the conversations going and share some juicy tips, and let you know about new products and events.

Take advantage of all of the goodies Allana has provided for you here! You’ve got videos, graphics, swipe copy, packaged promotional events and much, much more!

We will be doing monthly product spotlights and affiliate-only product prices and events. This space will update with each new one, so check back often!

So, drop me an e-mail or find me on Twitter if I can do anything to help you. I want to make your affiliate experience the most profitable.

HUGE Love,


Affiliate Manager

Team Allana


October 2017

This month we are gearing up for our November Challenge and Soul Shaking Relationship Week (december). The soul shaking relationship week feeds into our Heart Splayed Wide Open Course which we have seen huge success from the affiliates, as well as success from those who take the course.



We use a wonderful platform called Infusionsoft and it is proving to be a fantastic, useful, and comprehensive system which allows you to have immediate control over how you want to promote whatever products you are interested in introducing to your community.

To see what is available to you and access your control panel, please go to:

From the above link, please log into our system using your User Name and Password.

What you’ll see in the control panel:

Everything you need islocated on your left hand side navigation menu and separated into three categories: Home, Resources, and Reports.


  • My Profile– You are able to access, change, and update your profile.
  • My Programs– You are able to view the details of Allana’s affiliate program(s) including commission rates.
  • My Commission Structure– Detailed description of your commission structure via the products you sell.
  • My Ledger– Allows you to see your total commissions both present and previous.


  • Link Generator– You are able to generate text based tracking links to track your sales via your affiliate code.
  • E-mail Templates– Here you are able to generate e-mails with custom copy for your community. In most cases Allana prefers to tailor email content to a specific audience. If you do not see an email template for the program you want to promote, please drop me an email so that we can create it for you (swipe copy).
  • Banner Advertisements– You are able to generate custom banner advertisements for yourself and your community. Each of these banners is tailored to represent the product you want to sell, and the best part is – your affiliate code is tied into the HTML so all you need to do is cut and paste the code into any newsletter, website, or e-mail!
  • Resource Pages– From here you will find fantastic resource pages as they become available. (Such as this page)


  • Commissions Generated– From here you will be able to track the commissions generated. You may do this by choosing your date in the “date range”option.
  • Link Tracking Statistics– From here you may track all of your affiliate traffic.
  • Products Sold– This link shows you how many products have been sold, and what they were. You may customize this by date.
  • Subscription Signups– From here you may track how many subscription signups you have accumulated.