Affiliates & Team Allana

Affiliates & Team Allana

Welcome to my world!
My name is Allana Pratt and I would love to work with you!
My affiliate program is the center of my business. It permits me to work with great partners, partners that I call a Team (aka Team Allana!).
You know that saying that 2 heads are better than 1? It is true.
Let’s work together, to bring our communities together, providing them with the products and services that the need to thrive and succeed, enabling us to create lasting change.
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Here are the main features and benefits:

  • Tier 1 Commissions scaling from 25% to 80%, depending on the product, program or joint venture.
  • Tier 2 Commissions scaling from 5% up to 10%, depending on the product, program or joint venture.
  • Residual Commissions on Residual Products & Memberships
  • Monthly Commission Payments with no minimums.
  • Special Easy-To-Sell Programs including: Free Gifts, Combo Pack Specials, Coupons and more.
  • Promotion Plans including: Teleseminars, Webcasts and Webinars.

Once you have signed up you will have access to your Affiliate portal and resource page which will include the following:

  • List of programs and their associated commissions
  • Affiliate URL’s to get started immediately
  • Resource URL for Pre-Packaged Promotional Plans, Affiliate News and Current Specials
  • Banners & Graphics to aid in Product and Program promotion.
  • Contact Information for your Affiliate Coordinator

As my affiliate, you will also receive the following support:

  • Access to my Jump Start program that shows you, how to begin promoting and have your passive revenue stream generating revenue within 7 days.
  • Immediate contact from my JV Manager to determine how I can help you and coordinating my sign up with your affiliate program so that I can promote you as well.
  • Mutual respect. I love to support those that support me, and I actively promote my affiliates to my growing community of 50,000+.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking! While I give you a variety of banners for my products and programs, I believe for you to be successful, you deserve more than cookie cutter. I frequently develop videos, audios and swipe copy custom for my affiliates’ audience.

What you should know about my community:

  • Active Social Media Community of over 40k
  • Mailing List: 21% Men & 79% Women
  • Active & Engaging Mailing List: 65% Open Rate (I love how people have lists of 80k, but an open rate of 10%. I clean my list on a monthly basis and those who do not open or engage, are segmented to my ‘inactive’ mailing list for long term nurture.. So my ‘active’ mailing list of 18k with an open rate of 65% is the same as a list size of 60k with an open rate of 20% – which seems to be the going average for people who don’t adjust their list based on participation).
  • 93% Membership Retention: I have 3 membership programs, and to date, only 1 in every 10 subscribers, cancels in less than a year.
  • The ‘hot’ purchase point for my community is multimedia products with price points of $97 – $297. (The full product/service range being $14 to $15,000, with a median of $2,000).

What you should know about my affiliates successes:

  • One affiliate mailed for a $1,300 price point program – with 30% commission: He made $1k + the first day, $3k+ in the following 20 days on just that program, however he consistently earns $700 a month from that one mailing because of recurring products or programs from his initial referrals.
  • One affiliate mailed for a $47 price point product – with 80% commission: She only sold 1 product the first day, but because of my strategically placed marketing system, she has earned over $14k in 8 months on other products and services from that one mailing because of recurring products or programs from her initial referrals.
  • One affiliate asked me to answer 5 questions for his community, and he published it on his blog with a link to my main site and steadily earns $3k in passive revenue!

Join us! Let’s work together and have us both thrive!
To learn more about me and my products and services, I encourage you to check out the following:

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