About Allana

About Allana

Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert, Author, Host, Speaker, Advocate to End Sexual Violence

Expertise: Sacred Sexuality, Intimacy, Body Image, Self-Esteem, Conscious Relationships, Feminine Empowerment, Dating Advice, Motherhood, Parenting Issues, Single Parenting, Marriage Issues

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Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt inspires open hearted living, with delicious sass. Her inspiring vulnerability and courage has landed her a featured weekly column on the GoodMenProject, featured as an Icon of Influence, and as Guest Expert on The Jenny McCarthy Show, Huffington Post, People Magazine, Forbes, CBS, TLC and FOX. This cum laude graduate of Columbia University is the Author of 4 books, has interviewed Whoopi Goldberg, Alanis Morissette and Dr. Bernie Seigel and Hosts the edgy Podcast “Intimate Conversations” where listeners learn to thrive after heartbreak and find the relationship they deserve. A certified coach, Allana was asked by Leeza Gibbons to coach her during Dancing with the Stars. With over 4 million viewers on YouTube, Allana is the go-to authority when struggling to trust again after a harsh breakup so followers can create healthy, thriving intimate relationships with themselves first, which naturally attracts their ideal match.
Allana’s passionate devotion to helping men and women reclaim their joy, freedom and personal power dating and in relationships is rooted in her own experience. Allana endured a brutal custody battle that threatened to compromise her joy, softness and feminine power. Yet Allana sat in the fire, embracing theexperience as a spiritual teacher, emerging more courageously vulnerable and radiantly loving than ever before.
Nowshe inspires women to embrace their sacred erotic nature and find strength in their softness to attract all the love and attention they desire. She heals men’s emasculated hearts, cures their ‘nice guy’, and awakens their ‘noble badass’ to create hot, healthy intimate relationships. She pole dances for pleasure, has ridiculous amounts of joy as a mother and inspires reverence for our exquisite sexual nature.

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Professional Bio

Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt knows that sex is sacred, bodies are temples and true intimacy begins inside. This classy, sexy, Ivy League single mom is a captivating Storyteller, international selling Author, gifted Coach & sought after Media Personality.Featured on CBS, FOX and TLC and Author of three books, People Magazine reported that Allana was the first person Leeza Gibbons contacted for coaching when signing on withDancing with the Stars.
Yet Allana’s capacity to ooze sensual confidence & awaken it in her clients and audience comes from dissolving personal shame and societal judgment from her experience as a showgirl and choosing to embrace her sacred feminine power. Later in life she endured a brutal custody battle that threatened to destroy her confidence, joy and softness. Allana has learned to lean into challenge and emerged more courageously vulnerable and radiantly loving than before. Now she pole dances for pleasure and is the walking embodiment of ‘When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!’
Maya Angelou wrote, “Does my sexiness upset you?… I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs.” Eve Enzler proclaims one billion women violated is an atrocity; one billion women dancing is a revolution. The Dali Lama said that the women of the western world will save the planet. Allana Pratt believes it’s time to redefine MILF as a Maternally Inspiring Luscious Fox, whose potent radiance, exquisite intuition and sacred erotic nature is the seed and soul of a thriving family, community and planet.
Allana truly loves men, heals their emasculated hearts, cures their ‘nice guy’ and awakens their noble badass so they ravish their partners open into devotion, creating hot healthy thriving relationships. In couple’s work, this in turn inspires women to be a safe harbor, a healing touch, an erotic creature, an appreciative honoring of their men.Allana welcomes all sexual orientations and relationship choices to her sought after coaching practice. She’s helped thousands find confidence, sex appeal and thriving relationships through her Radiance DVD curriculum for women, her Dear Lover DVD curriculum for men and her Your Delicious Body DVD created with Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness. She’s the Host of her sexy, provocative heart centered weekly show,IntimateConversationsLIVE.com.
Ultimately Allana, the proud mama of her amazing 13 yr old boy, is committed to her clients having true sacred Communion with themselves, creating thriving relationships and rockin’ families and savoring Oneness with the All.



Self-Told Personal Journey

While the accent’s basically gone, I am a small town Canadian girl who loves big hearted guys with sexy trucks, Crispy Crunch chocolate bars, and nourishing walks in the woods. I was raised by a teacher mother and pharmacist father who divorced when I was 18. While I enjoyed magical summers at the lake, most of my school years were spent feeling misunderstood for my expression, my enthusiasm, my quirks and my sensitive heart.
After receiving encouragement from both my grandmothers, I found the courage at 19-years-old to hop on my Uncle Phil’s 18 wheeler semi to live my dreams in Hollywood. While I was brave enough and talented enough, I didn’t have a work visa so the only job I could find was working in Japan.
This exploded into four years as a successful model, dancer and spokesperson on TV, magazine covers, runways, billboards, movies and music videos. It was there I chose to dance as a showgirl, learning for the first time to no longer see my body as a piece of meat, but a sacred work of art capable of awakening nobility in a man, radiance in a woman, truly embodying the beauty and sacredness of my erotic nature.
I arrived in Japan with $40 to my name and my Dad’s visa to be used only if I was ready to come home (aka Fail). NOPE! Home sweet home began as a cockroach-infested shack shared with 14 other foreigners. By year four I was making more money than both my parents combined and having way more fun than I ever knew possible. It was there I met my first husband: a tall, dark and handsome multimillionaire. I followed him to NYC where we married. I graduated cum laude from Columbia University and worked for CNN, yet I was dying inside because I had decided his net worth made him more worthy than I. While I loved him, in hindsight I don’t really think I knew what love was because I didn’t deeply love myself. I was afraid to pass up such a picture-perfect life. My self esteem was dissolving for when people asked, “What KIND of dancer were you?” I lied, hid and drowned in shame and guilt about what once brought me great freedom, joy and sacred empowerment. As I desired to be a more authentic and empowered woman, the relationship was no longer a fit. After therapy and workshops didn’t change anything, I divorced him.
A few years later, I had bought my own condo on the beach of Los Angeles and was working as a pilates instructor and life coach. I was struggling to make a new tumultuous relationship work with a charismatic, yet angry, guy, when I found out my mom had cancer. It all happened so fast. After some initial treatments things looked good, yet when she called to say she was too tired to fight, in ten traumatic yet beautiful days… she was gone. The next weekend I got pregnant at my sister’s wedding. Since I couldn’t save mom, I tried to save the relationship with Mr. Anger Issues. I take responsibility that I didn’t marry for love, I married for the semblance of security… thinking a child would fill the void in my Soul. No shocker that this too ended in divorce and there I was… a single motherless mom, retreating inside my home that I had renovated with my mom’s inheritance, until I finally sold it in debt, ashamed, feeling forgotten by the Universe. I hit rock bottom.
The journey to regain my confidence, succulence and self-love has become my delicious life’s work, being a transparent leader to my clients and community, returning to the life force creative energy found in our pleasure, joys, bliss, vulnerability and potency. I have a flourishing relationship with my son, a successful career as an Intimacy Expert and after interviewing Sheila Kelley of SFactor on my radio show, pole dancing has become my ‘church’.
Over the years I was a regular on Leeza Gibbon’s LeezaLIVE and was privileged to be her Life Coach forDancing with the Stars. What a delight! Adore that woman. She really got that our safety is found in our sensuality, our strength is found in our vulnerability.I used to call myself the Sexy Spiritual Barbara Walters because people tell me things they haven’t even told themselves… so I’m honored to have hosted a #1 rated radio show called How Mama Got Her Groove Back, a Live Webcast on Mingle Media TV called Permission for Pleasure, and now my own provocative sexy heart centered show about sexuality, sensuality and successful intimate relationships calledIntimateConversationsLIVE.com.
I enjoy sharing my expertise and facilitating change as a TV & Radio expert on CBS, TLC and FOX, The GoodManProject, Digital Romance and regular industry Telesummits. My first published story was “Thank God I am a Single Motherless Mom.” My manual for unleashing a woman’s sensuality is called How To Be And Stay Sexy~ Attracting The Love And Attention You Deserve Being Exactly Who You Are. My recipe for yummy mommies is called The Missing Handbook to Motherhood and my cure for the ‘nice guy’ is called Get Her To Say Yes. My next book is in the oven…
I adore inspiring audiences as a professional speaker, with a special place in my heart for young adults in college. I am honored to coach an exclusive base of international clients who seem to enjoy my raw, edgy, permission granting, heartfelt space that empowers Women to cultivate their sexy factor, confidence and inner radiance and that awakens Men to be confident, noble and sexy badass gifts to the planet atwww.GetHerToSayYes.com.
If you’re familiar with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, you know there’s another challenge ready to test me so that my Highest Embodied Truth could emerge, yes? It began when our son was 9. While I had created what many would consider success with my career, in the background I was dealing with an incessant abuser. Yet I was a relationship coach, for God’s sake so I couldn’t tell anyone lest seem to be a fraud! I had taken every course under the sun to get along with him, Non Violent Communications, therapists, countless workshops… even hired a Guru to pray for me in India… anything to create peace!
I didn’t want to know what I knew… my ex didn’t want peace. He fed off drama and found joy in my destruction. Did I want to be aware of that? No way. Instead of owning that I had chosen him which would have taken all my power back to change it… instead I didn’t process that embarrassment and self shame and I just complained about him while getting smaller and smaller in my business, home, finances, and Soul. That is until our son told me he wanted to kill himself. He couldn’t handle mommy and daddy fighting. While I had divorced his Dad was he was one, cooperation was still a foreign word, and kindness nowhere to be found. So after weeks of crying, seeking spiritual and legal counsel, I did what the true mother of the child in the story of King Solomon did; I put down the tug of war and gave him to his father in a last attempt to save our son’s life. I proposed a 6 month legal shift in custody living primarily with his father to see if winning would calm his father down.
I have never felt more empty. Unable to see our son’s empty room without sobbing, I moved out. The legal bills were mounting too, so I accepted the support of friends house sitting as I waited to see if this would work. Much to my horror, my ex took this as a chance to call me a ‘homeless’ mother who’d ‘abandoned’ her child wanting full physical and legal custody or our son, exorcising me from his life. The next 3 years of Hell were spent in court fighting to keep the limited custody I had, defending myself against lie after lie, enduring seeing friends turn into enemies who submitted false allegations against me, until even my family believed his shenanigans and became unwilling to support me. Our poor son, of course, got worse and worse. He took several trips to 51/50 because no one would believe him, instead believing his father that I had brain washed him. Police officers would knock at my door late at night serving me with papers of yet another set of vile accusations with insane allegations. In the end I had racked up legal debt of over $250K. I felt like prey being hunted for sport. I was afraid to even win for the onslaught of attack could be the real end of me, and our son. I was brought to my knees.
You see there’s asking for help when you’re a victim and you don’t want to do the work, you just want to be saved. Granted that’s where I began. Aliens just abduct him, already!Then there’s asking for help when you’re ready to grow up, face all your shit, grow and evolve, no matter how long it takes, no matter who I have to emerge as to honor my Soul and our Son… that kind of humility mixed with courage CHANGES realities and creates delicious FREEDOM.
The whole story of HOW I turned this around, WHO helped me, WHAT spiritual principles I learned and how YOU can lean in to any challenge, keep you heart open in the face of anything, defining your worth by no one’s opinion but YOURS and be HAPPY and THRIVING no matter what your circumstances… this is found when you hear me interviewed in telesummits, when you read my weekly newsletter, watch my blog videos and syndicated featured Vlogs. And shortly, you’ll get all the juicy transformative details in my upcoming book!
Inspiration is great, yet bottom line RESULTS are what we ultimately desire, yes? These are found when you say “Yes” to coaching with me. I work with single men and women who suffer from fear of rejection after a harsh break up or with couples on the brink of divorce. My tenderness and potency heals their wounded hearts, awakens a noble strength and opens them wide to receive their dreams with relationships, sex, dream jobs, money… pure magic in a lasting way. I’m badass and worth every cent of your investment. And it’s a humble, honoring, privilege to provide my healing gifts to awaken your grandeur.
My sweet friend, don’t be afraid to hit rock bottom. Hanging on for control is what creates the suffering. Being brought to my knees and choosing to let go was the best thing that ever happened to me. In all truth I would do it again because I am so much more confident, humble, peaceful, happy, wealthy, successful, alive and grateful now than ever before, I am able to contribute to you with my ever expanding love. I now embody a trust in my belly that I’ve never known before… and I can honestly say that I feel a sense of timelessness radiating from within that penetrates any outer circumstance (sometimes it still takes a good cry and a shot of tequila, but I get there!) I am at peace with who I am (and more importantly who I’m not) and it came from facing all the shadows where I hated myself, was embarrassed, avoiding, hiding, blaming or afraid… now it’s all revealed, allowed and thus healed… into reverent delicious living.
I got here by honoring myself as the person who I admire and cherish the most in the world–by giving myself permission for pleasure and embracing my body like a work of art – by taking full responsibility for my choices, making amends and taking back the reigns of my life. I have been able to stop spinning in my head, drop into my endless heart and embody the limitless erotic creature I truly am. And you can too!
I choose to have stupid amounts of joy being alive! Cellulite and all. Two ex-husbands and all. Single motherless motherhood and all. This is my wish for you: Total thriving peace with who you are. Period. This begins with honoring yourself, embracing yourself, nourishing yourself and then giving the magnificent rock star gift of YOU to the Universe!!!
All my love, deliciously yours,
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