Restoring Intimacy in Communication and Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate

Speaking my truth is how I inspire others to live unapologetically, heart splayed open.  In my latest interview with Jeremy Ryan Slate, I discuss how to restore intimacy with your beloved via communication by learning to listen without judgment, love without expectation, and how vulnerability is the new sexy.

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Surviving to Thriving: Overcoming My Darkest Moment with Tracy Crossley

I have appeared on a number of podcasts lately but Surviving and Thriving truly hit home.  During my interview, I talked about my own “darkest moment”.

From the interview:

With an alcoholic father and co-dependent mother, Allana grew up looking outside herself for safety. Then, when faced with two premature deaths of loved ones, she saw two paths: shut down or keep an open heart. Her choice for the latter helped Allana through the even darker moments ahead, where she has been able to look for the gift and shine in the face of it all.

Listen to this incredibly revealing podcast here.

Remember, I can’t encourage you to walk your truth, sit in the fire, and live with your heart splayed open if I haven’t done it myself. My journey is your lit path, follow it and trust that I have your back.

All my love,

Feelings about Artificial Insemination?

Q:  Allana, I am not having any luck with men and I will be 40 in a few years. I feel as if the window is closing for babies. How do you feel about artificial insemination.

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Vulnerability is the New Sexy

Our truth, rawness, and purity is the essence of our being.  In my interview with Mindalia TV, I inspire those listening to live open-hearted, unapologetic, authentic lives.

Our creative power and ability to connect authentically comes from standing solid and softly transparent. It is our unique Self that attracts our ideal romantic partners, true friends and best professional clients. When we put down our masks, open our hearts and shine our true essence with intuitive discernment… the world is our oyster.

Sharing the Real You on The Couples Expert Podcast

WOW! I feel like I am everywhere these days. Podcasts, featured blogs, telesummits, skinny dipping in the Gulf (ok the last one is more wishing then actualizing…but give it time). So many splendid possibilities when you release your wants, dreams, and desires to the universe and open you arms and heart with acceptance.

My latest adventure was with the luscious souls of The Couples Expert Podcast. We discussed so many needed topics: how to control your thoughts and negativity, resolving fears to be in allowance, and being your true self.

If you missed it, you can still listen to it here.

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Shared My Story on Reinvention Radio

I am kicking butt and taking names (ok not really but how delicious would that be!)  I will slap my ass as I reinvented intimacy with the incredibly people of Reinvention Radio.

If you missed it live, you can catch it here:

Here is my favorite highlight of my interview:

She created a 7 step process to help end the fear of rejection, keep your heart open to receive, and have a soul-shaking conscious relationship with yourself, with Source and your Beloved. She’s learned that talk therapy isn’t the full answer. Who needs a greater understanding of why their life doesn’t work? They need it healed.