When the ‘I Love Yous’ Stop – Has an Affair Started?

Q: Coach Allana, my husband and I always say “I love you” before we leave for the day. We have been doing this for almost a decade now; however, lately – he has stopped doing it. He will either leave before me in the morning or linger in bed until I leave to go to work. Do you think he is having an affair? Do you think he has just stopped loving me?
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Why Are Men So Clingy

Q: Why are men SO clingy when you have been dating for awhile? My boyfriend can not be by himself now! We were so independent when we first started dating but I have been out of town on business for three weeks and he is picking fights and being kind of bratty. Is it a guy thing? Is this his immature way of saying he misses me?
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How to Handle a One-Sided Relationship

Q: I support my wife but she won’t be a shoulder for me, it’s not fair.

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How To Screen a Guy When Dating

Q: Would you say the only type of dating or a relationships skills a woman needs to know or learn is how to screen a guy?
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How To Breakup with a Talker?

Q: Allana, the guy I am seeing just won’t stop talking. I mean I love a good conversation but three dates and I think I got in one word. I finally stopped responding to him and I think he has gotten the hint but I feel bad just ghosting him. What should I do?
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Does Waiting For Sex Equal Friend Zone Prison?

Q: Allana, when dating a woman that you really like, should you wait to sleep with her and if so, do you risk being put in the friend zone?
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