Who to Trust When Dating

Q: What is the secret to determining if someone I am dating is worth keeping, is trustworthy, essentially is an honest person.
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This Mouse Gets Frisky When the Cat’s Away

Q:  When the cat is away, this little mouse likes to play. When my husband is away, I hook up with my ex-boyfriend. I know it is wrong but I just can’t stop doing it. I have tried to cut him off but the sex with my husband is mediocre and the sex with my ex is mindblowing! I have heard of the 80/20 solution and I feel like this is it. Together, I have a 100% of what I want but if I get rid of one or the other, I am miserable. What should I do?
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Do Soulmates Exist or Am I Just a Cynic?

Q:  Do you believe in soulmates? Can you define what it actually means to someone who may be skeptical?
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Disagree! Don’t Avoid Dinner with the Ex!

Q: Allana, I just caught one of your YouTube videos. Personally, I have dinner regularly with my ex. It was important to me that we ended as friends. I still dated other people, it caused no problems. If there are no conflicts, why not? Read More →

My Son Missing His Absent Father

Q:  Allana, I am trying so hard to be strong for my child but every time my little boy asks me about his father (who isn’t in the picture), my heart breaks. What do I say to him? Why is he asking so much many questions about a person he has never met?
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Intimate Conversations Highlights Amy Smith

This week on Intimate Conversations Podcast: Amy Smith

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