Can’t Pry my Wife Away from Kids for Intimacy

Q: Allana, my wife is incredible. She does so much for our family that I would love to do something for her. Unfortunately, I can’t pry her away from the kids long enough to spend an intimate, relaxing day out by herself. How can I convince her that she needs to take care of herself?

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Helping Women Achieve An Orgasm

I do not have a Ph.D., yet I have gone from not even knowing I had a clitoris or what it was… to being multi-orgasmic and ejaculatory… and I have supported my female clients in going from non-orgasmic to orgasmic, or orgasmic to ejaculatory. Read More →

Letting Go of the Past

Q: How do I truly separate myself from my past and move forward? I have met someone that is incredible but I don’t feel like I completely healed from the destruction that was my last relationship.

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Dating and Scared to get Hurt Again

Q: I’ve been emailing with a girl that I met on a dating site for a few months. We’ve recently began talking on the phone and texting. I REALLY like everything about her so far, but I am scared. How do I know if she’s the real deal and worth hopping on a plane to meet? I don’t want to be set up for disappointment again.

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Out Numbered! They All Want Commitments

Q: Coach, I have been keeping it casual and dating a few women. Suddenly, all of them want a commitment! What should I do, should I let them all go?

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Please Help Me Get Her Back!

Q: My girlfriend has completely quit our relationship. She won’t return my calls, she won’t return my texts, she is just gone.  How do I fix this? How do I get her back?

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