TOP TEN out of 200 Episodes!

Out of 200 episodes on the Speaking of Partnership podcast, I have the honor of being #10! That’s right, out of 200 episodes, I made it to the Top Ten list! This is such an amazing honor, I can’t think you all enough for loving me, trusting me, and welcoming me into your homes and hearts. Thank you.

If you didn’t have a chance to see my interview, you can watch it again here:

Green Flags that Relationship is Right for You

Q: Coach Allana, people always ask what are the red flags in terms of a relationship. What about the “green” ones? What are some green flags to let you know the relationship is right for you?

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Play a Game – Win the Friend Zone

Q: Allana, I’m tired of stupid ass games. I met this woman and we seemed to hit off (story of my life). After a few dates, she drops the “f” word – shit, friend zone. Then one night she randomly starts text me, asking me questions about my past. Is she interested in me or what’s the deal?

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The Intimacy Between Love and Money

Each week on Intimate Conversations Podcast, I have the pleasure of placing some of the industry best in the hot seat where we dive deep and get raw. When it is my turn to be on the spot, it is so insanely empowering to be so exposed to the world. To speak my truth is divine.

This week, I sat down with Devi and we discussed a number of topics such as the Inner Queen and King, learned to keep your heart open,  deep forgiveness of the self, and so much more.

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Questions to Create a Deeper Relationship

Q: Allana, if you are trying to get to know someone on a deeper level what are some really good questions to ask?

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I am Always Initiating! How Can I Change This?

Q:   I am always initiate any intimacy between us.  Does this mean she doesn’t like me, that she isn’t into me?  How can I change this?
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