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Am I Doomed to Be Single Forever?

You asked Coach Allana Pratt, “Is it possible to go through life, the whole thing, single? I put immense pressure on myself worrying that I could.”
Will I always be single?

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Happily Married but Sexual Unsatisfied

You asked, “Coach Allana, I am a happily married man but my wife just can’t satisfy my sexual needs.   We are so opposite in the bedroom.  I obviously don’t want a divorce but I don’t want to be unsatisfied either.  Help!”
Different Desires in the Bedroom

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Why Do Women Want to Change Us?

Q: Allana, what do women want to change/fix men so badly? Do all women do this? Why?

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Is There a Threesome in My Future?

Question: My girl is completely comfortable in her skin and with her sexuality.  She constantly talks about other woman, who she finds attractive, and who she would date if she was a guy.  What are the chances that I could get her into a threesome?
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Why Do I Want Women I Know I Can’t Have?

She is a 10 in every way.  She is gorgeous, she is smart, she is perfection, she is WAY out of your league!  Or is she?  You believe you are chasing women that are “unattainable” but is that what is really going on?  Is she only unattainable because you have made her that way?

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How Long Should I Wait to Have Sex With Someone?


So you’re back on the dating scene after a devastating breakup? That’s wonderful news! But you aren’t sure just when it’s right to have sex again.

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