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Why Do Women Want to Change Us?

Q: Allana, what do women want to change/fix men so badly? Do all women do this? Why?

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Is There a Threesome in My Future?

Question: My girl is completely comfortable in her skin and with her sexuality.  She constantly talks about other woman, who she finds attractive, and who she would date if she was a guy.  What are the chances that I could get her into a threesome?
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Why Do I Want Women I Know I Can’t Have?

She is a 10 in every way.  She is gorgeous, she is smart, she is perfection, she is WAY out of your league!  Or is she?  You believe you are chasing women that are “unattainable” but is that what is really going on?  Is she only unattainable because you have made her that way?

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How Long Should I Wait to Have Sex With Someone?


So you’re back on the dating scene after a devastating breakup? That’s wonderful news! But you aren’t sure just when it’s right to have sex again.

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My Ex-Boyfriend is Engaged!

Question: My ex-boyfriend of two years broke up with me last year, saying that he wasn’t ready to get married. I just found out that he’s now engaged and getting married in a few months. I’m devastated, because for me he was the one. How do I get over this blow, and how do I get closure?


Answer: Honestly? You need partnership. The partnership that you had has been destroyed, and you need a safe place to be in partnership, to reset that button that has been so betrayed.

There’s feelings, processing of feelings, processing of hurts that need to literally be breathed through. In a coaching relationship we can take you through different healing capacities to get you through this trauma, this pain in layers and underneath that, not in your mind where you’ve just thought about it, but literally internal awareness, where the answers to your questions like why did he do this? Those are inside.

I will have the capacity to ask you these questions, but not to your mind. Anybody can do that. The space that I hold and the vibration that I can raise you right to the truth, which may not look pretty or feel good but it’s going to awaken this discerning capacity in you so that you won’t be hurt like this again. He was “the one” to teach you this, just not the one to end up with.

So, in a coaching relationship held in a cocoon where you can really get the lesson of this, will make you into the queen that will bring forth a king that will keep you and be devoted to you. This was your groom primer.

One of my friend’s husband’s bands was called “Bride Primer,” the opposite. This sucks, I know it does and you do absolutely, brilliantly require closure in order to truly move forward and actually have that relationship, but closure is not just a couple journal entries. Closure is an experience, it’s a process, it’s worth it. This is your life, this is your dreams.  How much do you value yourself?

I would absolutely suggest you to contact my manager at and let’s do a series of six sessions. Let’s go deep. let’s go all the way. Not just put sprinkles on the ice cream type of sh** and just put on a good attitude. Have a tequila shot and call it a day, although I love my tequila shots. This is intense, and it happens for a reason because of the depth of the soul that you are. The deeper the roots, the higher the shoots. Don’t pull away and make excuses, I’ll put it away, I don’t have the money. Yes you do, you are priceless. Put you first, because when you’re in that place of discerness, of openness, of awareness, of heart, and not in the past, not worrying about if the next guy is going to do this to me, you are a Goddess, a priestess, this woman of the light, and you’ll be able to attract a conscious, noble man, but if you don’t, I”m so sorry to say that the fate is another one like him. Why do I know? Two divorces.

Please don’t do what I did. Please call me. I’m here for you. It’s why I was put on the planet. It’s my genius, and it would be my privilege.

All my love,


Intimate Conversations Highlights with Mai Vu

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, Mai Vu and I talked about how to have a “Hot Life & Hot Love!” She embodies love and is simply stunning inside and out.

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