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What NOT to do when a woman cries

She’s crying.  She is open, vulnerable, and looking to you.  What do you do?  Many men panic in these situations because these are the moments that can make or break a relationship.

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Confident and Vulernable After a Divorce

Q:   How can I be both confident and vulnerable, especially after a break-up – such as a divorce?
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7 Years. 2 Kids. No Ring. Help!

Q:   My mister and I have been together for over seven years. We raise two inspiring boys and have a supportive, healthy, honest relationship. My only hangup: marriage has become a huge point of contention between us. We talk about it from time to time, but it almost always escalates to arguing. I want to feel complete and happy without a ring, but I’m having a hard time not taking it personally. I want to accept the present moment, but I don’t want to let go of my dream. Help!
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Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong keeps getting more delicious, profound, inspiring and empowering! Wow! It had been 10 years since the last time I spoke with Alison, my baby was still in my belly… So, what a homecoming this was for me! We had SO much fun in this interview catching up and talking about her incredible book, Queens Code, which is available NOW in digital!

We talked about Alison’s move to Colorado, and how she looks outside of her living room window to 50 horses! She shared about her 20 year marriage, and how she walks the talk with what she knows, the transformations, and the growth that has been possible for her in her relationship. It was all very intimate, and vulnerable, and beautiful. This connected, inspiring interview is a must!

You can find her E-book here:

So check out replay at Intimate Conversations Live you’re really going to enjoy this one!

Also, make sure you check out Alison’s bio below!

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