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Fall Into Love Series: Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen your Relationships


Fall Into Love Series:
Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen your Relationships

My amazing friends Ben and Jennifer are gearing up for their last series of 2015 and yours truly is a part of it. December 13: Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen Your Relationships is designed for you to easily learn essential practices and techniques from leading experts that you can use to deepen your intimacy and connection in your life and in your bedroom.

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Why Must Men Always Take The Lead?

You asked Coach Allana Pratt: “Should I feel guilty that I feel resentful, frustrated, and down right bitter because I am the one that ALWAYS has to make the first move, ALWAYS has to approach, and do the asking out?  Am I the only man that doesn’t enjoy this?  Why are men lead to believe that we should enjoy and embrace this role in dating?

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My boyfriend’s messaging strange women

Question: Do you have any idea why a man would start instant messaging strange woman after being in a five year relationship. Said he was “stupid” and wasn’t physical with anybody. I guess you can say I have trust issues.

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Intimate Conversations with Tanya Paluso

This interview with Tanya Paluso of Tribal Truth, is going to be just like the two of us going out for a glass of wine or an eggnog latte… I can already tell we are going to hit it off! I love her flavor of authenticity and rawness.  She has SUCH a huge heart and space for vulnerability, and for sharing what’s going on in her world. Talk about raw and revealing! If anybody can go to the core and something Magical can be revealed, I’m sure it’s Tanya.