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To Date You, I Give Up Me

This question came from one of my glorious audience members at MeetMindful:

Question: Allana, I lose myself when I date someone! What is it going to take for my life to thrive with a partner?  Read More →

School is Complaining and We Can’t Agree on Resolution

Q: Our soon to be four year old is having issues at school and we, as his parents, can not agree on how to rectify the situation.

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Top 12 Intimacy Tips

What is an Intimacy Expert?

Intimacy= into me I see. If you look inside and there’s shame about sex, guilt about having pleasure, fear of being used… these thoughts lead to insecurity, yet also divorce, disease, depression…

and tragically, they disconnects us from the most important intimate relationship we could ever have… with our self…cellulite and all… totally at peace in our skin, which is damn sexy.


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Should LOVE be such hard work?

In this video I speak on how love IS going to take work! I give you tips on what efforts are important for a great relationship. I also explain how relationships can fail. I also address how you know where you are in your relationship and how to trust your intuitive wisdom.

If you want a better body, you go to the gym. You want to keep a plant alive? You water it! That Disney fairytale of finding the right one and everything will be bliss thereafter is “B.S.” There’s nothing wrong if there’s problems.

How much effort should you put in? What does a plant get on a daily basis? A plant gets sunshine, water, pruning, paying it attention. All these things make a plant thrive. They are also needed for a relationship to thrive.

Both partners should be willing to do the work. I’ve seen where one partner puts in most of the effort while the other puts only about 50%. That could work out. The one time where it won’t work is if one partner is putting forth 100% and the other 0%.

How do you know where you are? Trust your intuitive wisdom. You know where this relationship is. If you can’t trust your truth, have a professional like me help hold your space and go through this with you. Oh, the empowerment and excitement of what’s really possible!

YOU have the power to create anything that you desire!

Huge delicious erotic sensual love now and expanding forevermore, Allana

I lose myself when I date someone

Question: Allana, I lose myself when I date someone! What is it going to take for my life to thrive with a partner?  Read More →

How Do You Heal Self Denial?

Your question: What does it mean to lie to yourself? How do you heal self denial? Read More →