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I am Always Initiating! How Can I Change This?

Q:   I am always initiate any intimacy between us.  Does this mean she doesn’t like me, that she isn’t into me?  How can I change this?
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Intimate Conversations with Lindsay Williambrown

Merry Christmas!  This week on Intimate Conversations Live, I am airing a FANTASTIC pre-recorded interview with the lovely Lindsay Williambrown.  Lindsay offers deep expertise in raw, vegan spiritual and physiological transformations, supplement evaluations, as well as in intuitively sourced Eastern Feng Shui, Reiki (Master III), and vibrational approaches.

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Menopause and Libido

Coach Allana Pratt was asked: Do you think that experiencing menopause may be playing a huge role in my low libido?

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Haven’t Dated Since My Divorce

Q:   I haven’t been on a date since my divorce. I don’t want to say or do the wrong thing, what advice do you have for people starting to date again?
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Are my fighting parents the reason I’m single?

Coach Allana Pratt was asked, “My parents fought a lot when I was younger and I feel as if that is the reason why I am 25 and have never been in a relationship. How can I get past this hangup?


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I’m Single, Where’s My MAN?

Q: I am so sick and tired of being single! All of my friends are in a relationship. I want a man, now!
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