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Single Mom Guiding Son into Manhood

Q: Allana, greetings from one single mom to another. I love your insight and humor.  As a mom to a teenage boy, how do you guide him into manhood?  My husband passed when my son was 6 so I’m alone. I have got to teach him how to be a man.  I don’t want to steer him the wrong way but I have no idea what I am doing.

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Single Mom About To Crack

Q: “I feel as if my world is falling apart all the time. I’ve got two children (two boys) who never let me sleep. I work eight hours a day to make sure we have everything we need and I’m constantly moving. My brain is constantly going and I feel like I am ready to find the tallest building and jump (not really but you get the point.) I’m reaching my breaking point and need your help.

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Empty Nester Feeling So Alone

Q: I thought I would feel such freedom when my 18 year old left home but I have never felt so alone. I was so focused on him, raising him as a single mom that now I do not know how to “do me”.

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Single Moms Have the Advantage


First off, to all single moms, being one myself, it’s a lot. A lot to take out the trash, do your own taxes, keep the young ones alive AND take care of you. YET one of the best things you can do for yourself to be a great mom is first:  HEAL your past wounds from divorce or a loss, and second: KNOW that when you don’t make time for being a WOMAN… your parenting suffers… as does your self-esteem.

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