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Nuts and Bolts of the Female Orgasm

Orgasms are amazing, yes? Good for our heart, our skin, our emotions, our wellbeing.

And even though I’m not a doctor, here is my best shot at your wonderful detailed questions about orgasms…

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Wife and I No Longer Share a Bed

Q: Allana, I am worried.  My wife and I are no longer sharing a bed.  She told me that it was because she was having trouble sleeping. The thing is, we have always shared a bed! Am I missing a red flag? Is something wrong?

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More Pleasure Toy Talk!

Q: Allana, I think there should be more talk of couple’s using sex toys in the bedroom. Why do you think it is so taboo?

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Wife’s Addicted to Porn

Q: I just found out that my wife is addicted to porn.  Well, maybe not addicted but needs help because she watches it a lot.  While I think on the one hand it is super hot, I worry that I don’t add up to what she is seeing and she may be watching it because I just don’t do it for her like the men in the videos do.  Have you ever had a situation like this?

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Is There a Threesome in My Future?

Question: My girl is completely comfortable in her skin and with her sexuality.  She constantly talks about other woman, who she finds attractive, and who she would date if she was a guy.  What are the chances that I could get her into a threesome?
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Wife Using Sex as a Weapon


Your wife is using sex to manipulate you.  Bottom line – she takes it off the table to get her way.  While your relationship hasn’t been the best lately, you feel emasculated, irritated, and frustrated that she would stoop to such low levels to get your attention.

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