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Wife Hates Body but I LOVE It!

Q:  Allana, I think my wife is smokin’ hot. From head to toe, she is sheer perfection. She doesn’t think so. We don’t have any mirrors in the house except the bathroom because she doesn’t want to see herself. What advice can you give her and women like her who can’t/don’t see themselves in the same light as those who love them?

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Dating Creates a Split Personality

Q: Allana, I constantly feel as if I am juggling two personalities when I am dating. How can I be myself and comfortable on a date?

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Tired of Being Belittled

Q: I am so sick and tired of my wife undermining me in from our friends and family. She doesn’t even try to hide it.  She flat out calls me names and she belittles me. I have told her to stop but she doesn’t understand the issue. How can she not?

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Self Esteem and Feeling Overweight

Q: My self esteem seems to be completely tied to the numbers on the scale. How do I learn to love myself even when the scale shows I am carrying a few extra pounds?

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Tired of Body Shaming

Q: I am 27 years old and very confident of my appearance, or so I thought. I am petite (which many guys love) but am lacking two asset areas – top and bottom (plain and simple – I don’t have boobs. I don’t have a butt). I am tall so most people have told me I could model but my boyfriend lately has been making little comments that are killing my self-esteem. I know he loves me but when a woman with large breast or a big butt walks by – he nearly snaps his neck to look at them. If I say something, he just says “Men like to look at other woman and it doesn’t mean anything honey”. He will mention that if I ate more or did chest presses or squats (he is a gym-enthusiast) that maybe things could maybe change. Is this healthy criticism or should I just put a stop to it now and walk away?

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How Do I Learn To Really Accept Myself?


Question: As a part of my New Year’s Resolution, I am trying to find a better way to accept the challenges in my life and grow and become more real and honest in my shortcomings. What tips do you have on, not really re-inventing yourself, but in accepting yourself?

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