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Self Esteem and Feeling Overweight

Q: My self esteem seems to be completely tied to the numbers on the scale. How do I learn to love myself even when the scale shows I am carrying a few extra pounds?

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Tired of Body Shaming

Q: I am 27 years old and very confident of my appearance, or so I thought. I am petite (which many guys love) but am lacking two asset areas – top and bottom (plain and simple – I don’t have boobs. I don’t have a butt). I am tall so most people have told me I could model but my boyfriend lately has been making little comments that are killing my self-esteem. I know he loves me but when a woman with large breast or a big butt walks by – he nearly snaps his neck to look at them. If I say something, he just says “Men like to look at other woman and it doesn’t mean anything honey”. He will mention that if I ate more or did chest presses or squats (he is a gym-enthusiast) that maybe things could maybe change. Is this healthy criticism or should I just put a stop to it now and walk away?

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How Do I Learn To Really Accept Myself?


Question: As a part of my New Year’s Resolution, I am trying to find a better way to accept the challenges in my life and grow and become more real and honest in my shortcomings. What tips do you have on, not really re-inventing yourself, but in accepting yourself?

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Help! I’ve Lost My Sexy!


Question: I have not felt like myself lately. I just don’t feel sexy anymore or find that any guys find me attractive anymore. I haven’t put on weight but I feel so fat. How can I drop this funk that I am in?

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Intimate Conversations with Aurora Winter

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, I have the pleasure of interviewing long time friend, Aurora Winter! Aurora is an award-winning screenwriter, the author of: From Heartbreak to Happiness, Encouraging Words, and Grief Relief in 30 Minutes.

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How to Love Your Body, Curves & All


I have found a grey hair in my eyebrow in my 20’s, then in my pubes in my 30’s, and finally at 45 the grand day arrived when a 4” strand stuck straight up out of my crown. To add balance very dark thick curly ones have sprouted behind my thighs. Lovely.
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