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Tired of Body Shaming

Q: I am 27 years old and very confident of my appearance, or so I thought. I am petite (which many guys love) but am lacking two asset areas – top and bottom (plain and simple – I don’t have boobs. I don’t have a butt). I am tall so most people have told me I could model but my boyfriend lately has been making little comments that are killing my self-esteem. I know he loves me but when a woman with large breast or a big butt walks by – he nearly snaps his neck to look at them. If I say something, he just says “Men like to look at other woman and it doesn’t mean anything honey”. He will mention that if I ate more or did chest presses or squats (he is a gym-enthusiast) that maybe things could maybe change. Is this healthy criticism or should I just put a stop to it now and walk away?

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How Do I Learn To Really Accept Myself?


Question: As a part of my New Year’s Resolution, I am trying to find a better way to accept the challenges in my life and grow and become more real and honest in my shortcomings. What tips do you have on, not really re-inventing yourself, but in accepting yourself?

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Help! I’ve Lost My Sexy!


Question: I have not felt like myself lately. I just don’t feel sexy anymore or find that any guys find me attractive anymore. I haven’t put on weight but I feel so fat. How can I drop this funk that I am in?

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Intimate Conversations with Aurora Winter

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, I have the pleasure of interviewing long time friend, Aurora Winter! Aurora is an award-winning screenwriter, the author of: From Heartbreak to Happiness, Encouraging Words, and Grief Relief in 30 Minutes.

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How to Love Your Body, Curves & All


I have found a grey hair in my eyebrow in my 20’s, then in my pubes in my 30’s, and finally at 45 the grand day arrived when a 4” strand stuck straight up out of my crown. To add balance very dark thick curly ones have sprouted behind my thighs. Lovely.
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I Gave Up Me…For Her

You put your dreams on hold to let her’s soar.  You held back on your wants, needs, desires to give her space and freedom.  You gave up everything for her…including yourself.

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