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Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do with Thom Singer

I sat down with the extraordinarily amazing Thom Singer for his podcast this month.

Completely exposed, truly authentic, and ready for anything, I shared my path to a spiritual practice and how it has helped me build a life as an entrepreneur.

He loved my line about how I  “network’s with God”. If you missed this fantastic interview, you can listen to it below.

If what I say in this interview rings truth, speaks to you, calls to you – I invite you reach out and connect with me or email my manager at

Live Sircuit: The Boom Doctors with Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert

On October 26th at 7pm PST – I will be raw, present, vulnerable, and open.  I will share how to be positive, healthy, and sexy at any age!  Tune in to The Boom Doctors, get comfortable, and get ready!

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Intimate Conversations – Highlights With Karen Abrams

My interview with Karen Abrams was SO good! She is hysterical and so connected… We did the most incredible Theta Healing to clear anything that might be triggered by the Holidays, stress, body issues, relationships.  Even Muffin (my cat) could feel it, he sat on my lap the whole time!  I just felt this warm, tingly, AHHH feeling!!!  It was sensational, you’re going to love this!  I’m so grateful she was on the show! How did we get so lucky?

If you missed it, you must catch the replay at Intimate Conversations Live!

Make sure you check out Karen’s bio below!