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Turn Up Desire For My Wife

Q:  I’ve been married for almost 20 yrs and I couldn’t imagine my life without my wife. We connect on every level but intimacy. She feels sex once a month is fine, it feels like once a quarter…I don’t like that. How can I turn up the heat so she desires me more?
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Affair: Should I Feel Guilt if She is the Married One?

Q:  When having an affair with a married person, should I feel guilty if I am not married? I mean they are the one cheating on their spouse so is it really my problem? My friends say I should have some remorse, but for what?
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Is Menopause Killing My Sex Life?

Coach Allana Pratt was asked: Do you think that experiencing menopause may be playing a huge role in my low libido?

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Dad Hates My Fiance

Q: My father doesn’t approve of my fiance and he keeps telling me I can do so much better. We are going to be married in less than two months and feel like this will cause so many problems once children are involved. Any advice?

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My Husband is Having an Affair!

Q: My husband is having an affair and he told me wants to leave me for her. We’ve been married seventeen years. We have three kids and we just moved because of his job but now I am wondering if it was because of the other woman. Why would he have us uproot our entire lives and then destroy it? Please help me save my marriage.

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From Mother to Mother: How Do I Reach My Seventeen Year Old?

Q: Allana, my seventeen year old is out of control. School just started and he has already been sent home three times for fighthing. I try to talk to him but he shuts me out. How can I get through to him?

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