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Green Flags that Relationship is Right for You

Q: Coach Allana, people always ask what are the red flags in terms of a relationship. What about the “green” ones? What are some green flags to let you know the relationship is right for you?

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Play a Game – Win the Friend Zone

Q: Allana, I’m tired of stupid ass games. I met this woman and we seemed to hit off (story of my life). After a few dates, she drops the “f” word – shit, friend zone. Then one night she randomly starts text me, asking me questions about my past. Is she interested in me or what’s the deal?

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Questions to Create a Deeper Relationship

Q: Allana, if you are trying to get to know someone on a deeper level what are some really good questions to ask?

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I am Always Initiating! How Can I Change This?

Q:   I am always initiate any intimacy between us.  Does this mean she doesn’t like me, that she isn’t into me?  How can I change this?
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Feelings about Artificial Insemination?

Q:  Allana, I am not having any luck with men and I will be 40 in a few years. I feel as if the window is closing for babies. How do you feel about artificial insemination.

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Post Pregnancy Body Turns Off Husband


Q: My husband is no longer sexually attracted to me. I gained a few pounds with our little girl and he is used to my pre-pregnancy body. How can I be in a marriage if my husband is not attracted to me?

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