How long should one try before calling it quits in a marriage?

Coach Allana Pratt loves receiving your questions: I’m in a narcissistic/codependent trait marriage of 14 years and 3 kids with infidelities on both sides, and overall an unhappy unconscious marriage. I am doing my inner work and am on the path to a healthy me. The other side is not interested in collaborating, sees me as a needy pushover and though I’m committed (it’s been over a yr since dday), at times I feel like am fighting a lost battle. How do I decide if to stay married or divorce, and for how long should one try (what is the sure sign I’ve done all I could, it’s time to call it quits)?


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How do I know if he has fallen out of love with me?

You asked, “Allana, how do I know if he has fallen out of love with me?”

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Breakthrough at Niruka’s SIIA

I want to share a breakthrough with you that hopefully will inspire you to be the strong and fierce person that you truly are. Become one with yourself, love yourself like you never have before, and conquer what you dream and want! Read More →

Intimate Conversation Live with Alicia Isaacs Howes

Have you ever wondered how money is actually connected to our relationships? Who would have thought? How self worth and net worth can play a major role? Well, this week on Intimate Conversations Live, we will have the amazing, Alicia Isaacs Howes to shed some light on this very interesting subject.

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Intimate Conversations Live with Jennifer Longmore

What is your money story? I’ve had a lot of people on conversations over the years that talk about money. I’ve been through my up’s and down’s with it… So, I’ve tasted some different dimensions of money and I’m always open to learning more. How can I have more ease and abundance and flow and a delicious relationship with money?

Who are we and why are we here? How does this affect our money stories? The amazing and powerful Jennifer Longmore will tell us this week on Intimate Conversations Live!

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Intimate Conversations with Cory Michelle

How much fun are we going to have this week, talking about creating “juicy lives” with my gorgeous guest, Cory Michelle!? She invites us to consider 7 elements that can support us in making 2014 as our best year yet.

It’s funny if you think about it, we have all these BIG plans around the time of the new year, but by April we seem to lose some of the enthusiasm. That’s where Cory comes in… she wants to give you the “juicy” boost you need to get back on track!

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