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Ready to See Vulnerability in Action?

I wanted to share two comments that came in and then give a little insight. I love when my audience reaches out to connect with me and shares how I have touched, impacted, influenced them. Thank you so much. xoxo

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Do I Have to Censor Myself on Facebook

Q:  Allana, some may say I am opinionated, which is fine; but, my Facebook page is my platform where I speak my mind. With the latest issues going on (and I am leaving this vague on purpose), I have openly shared my opinions and views. It has been met with negative comments and people unfriending me. Should I have to censor myself?

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What To Do When You Don’t Want Someone

Q: One of my fellow classmates is easy on the eyes but his arrogance is nauseating. The worst part is he’s attracted to me and he swears I am secretly in love with him and playing hard to get (so essentially it is like we are in kindergarten and he is on recess pulling my pigtails, so to speak). What can I do to let him know I am just not interested.

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My Ex with a Girlfriend Still Loves Me

Q: Allana, I ran into my ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend and it was an awkward encounter; but, the way he looked at me felt as if a flame was still burning for me. Should I reach out to him?

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Offering a House to Cancel Our Divorce

Q: I want a divorce but my husband doesn’t. I am trying to qualify to buy a house but at the same time selling the house we owned together. As I just filed for bankruptcy, I can’t get a loan. My husband has offered to buy a house for me and pay for it, if I call off the divorce. He said he wouldn’t live in it or anything. Should I do it?

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Wants to Commit…Just Not to Me!

Q: I wasn’t aware the guy I was dating was seeing myself and other people until he told me one of the girls wanted to be exclusive so he was going to see where that went. I feel kind of rejected. Is that normal? Should he have told me he was seeing other people? Should I have not assumed we were exclusive?

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