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Want to Check On My Ex? Good Idea?

Q: Allana, is it acceptable to check in on your ex after some time apart.  You see, things didn’t end well with my ex-boyfriend and I worry about him but I don’t want to reopen old wounds or give him a false sense of hope by seeing if he is ok.  Should I leave this well enough alone?

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Longing For A Noble Badass Cherish You?


Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt hosts a delicious evening for ladies where you will learn how to…
 ~Be irresistible (exactly as you are!)
~Feel sacred in you body (aka Your Divine Temple)
~Heal the Past (for GOOD!)
~Attract a quality man (aka Noble Badass)
~Have a hot healthy intimate long-term partnership!!!

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Nice Guy to Noble Badass

I had the pleasure of hanging out with two of my favorite men, Kent Emmons and Adam Gilad, on the Daily Dater. These mighty gentlemen placed me in the hot seat and asked me the tough questions on how to avoid the dreaded “friend-zone”.

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What’s the Female version of a Noble Badass?

Q: You talk about being a Noble Badass, Allana, to the guys; but, how can a woman find the balance between being the damsel to be rescued and a strong independent woman? Do you call her an enchanted diva or something?

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Vulnerability is So Sexy – The Reveal


On April 14th, I took part in one of the most delicious, revealing, tantalizing interviews that I have had in a long time!  The luscious Lyanca Reyna and phenomenal Deborah Hawkins asked me to get a little dirty – loved it!

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