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Best Way to Help a Depressed Friend

Q: One of my friends on Facebook posted about his friend being depressed and asked what movie would be good to show them so they would appreciate life again. I think that’s a horrible idea. What do you think they should do or how do you suggest helping someone that is depressed?
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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Derek Mills

Wasn’t the interview amazing!? Isn’t he sensationally talented at motivating you to get a move on? Have you ever felt you were so down on your luck you could never get out of it? Derek gives you every piece of inspiration, empowerment, and juice needed to keep going and soar. He is exceptional. Check out his world…

You can take a look at his book, ‘The 10-Second Philosophy: A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius’ at

If you missed it, you can watch the replay at Intimate Conversations Live!

Also, make sure you check out Derek’s bio below!

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