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Big Fight with Mom! Will She Ruin My Wedding?

Q: My wedding is in two weeks and I had a huge falling out with my mother. I lost contact with my father when I was young so she is my only family. What should I do? She is being really stubborn but I feel as if I should cave in just so she will be at my wedding. My concern is that caving in will only implode in the long run.

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Mom Wants To Be My Wingman

Question: My mother keeps trying to find me a man and I can’t take it anymore! She doesn’t know that I am dating someone and I haven’t told her because I don’t believe she will approve. Read More →

How Do You Be the Trifecta

Q: How do you keep a balance of being your son’s best friend, your son’s role model, and your son’s mother?  I feel like those three roles conflict but you seem to balance each one so perfectly.

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Mom Won’t Butt Out


Q: I can’t get my mother to butt out of my business!  My ex and I are trying to reconcile and my mother is determined to sabotage any effort. My ex cheated on me and so my mother doesn’t want her to “use” me again.

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He Has a Fit When I’m ‘NOT in the MOOD’!

You asked Coach Allana Pratt, “I feel as if my husband doesn’t understand me.  I do so much for him and our family but he has the biggest fit when I am not in the mood. How can I get him to understand that I am being stretched thin and to back off?

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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Gurutej

Have you ever had one of those days when you just can’t shift out of the crappy feelings? Well, I had one of those days this morning. So, I went through my clearings, I did som other exercises and called a few people who I know could offer me some tips on how to get out of this heavy and dark space. I did my best to get through the day…

THEN, I had my interview with Gurutej, the energy healer, guru, mentor, friend, mother etc. OMG, why didn’t I just call her sooner? Within the hour I felt SO much better, lighter and happier. We didn’t even talk about what was going on! She just guided these amazing breathing techniques and reminded me that we don’t need to base our success on what we can accomplish without help. She said, “If we were meant to do it alone, we’d all have our own planet.” How true is that!? And, “In our vulnerability is our strength.”

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