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Sexually Abused Spouse. How Can I Be Supportive?

Question: My wife suffered from sexual abuse as a child, and while she’s been fine most of our marriage, suddenly she’s developed panic attacks when we make love. How can I help her through this?

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Help! I am Self-Sabotaging My Love Life!

In the words of Adele – “They say times supposed to heal ya, but ain’t done much healing.”  Five years.  Five years have passed and it still stings.  The wound is still fresh and won’t repair itself.  Every time you close you eyes it feels as if it happening all over again.  Each step forward is met with two steps back.  So how do you move on?

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The Sex Isn’t Great…


You really like her! You may even LOVE her. But lately, you’ve found it hard to make love to her. The sex just isn’t great. Making it work seems harder and harder because the love making has become SUCH a drag…

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Not Comfy with Toys


She’s wanting to get a little more playful in bed, but you just feel weird about it. It’s not that you don’t love her or want to satisfy her. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite! But why can’t you shake this being uncomfortable with toys?

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Am I Just Too Old To Date?

Do we have a limited window for dating?  Is there a certain age where we should just throw in the towel and accept the fact that we may be too old, too set in our ways to find our true beloved?  NO!

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Why Do Men Shy Away From Intimacy? – The Ladies Lounge

In August, I was privileged to be part of the Source Nation!  I had the delicious honor of sitting down with Kathy in the Ladies Lounge and discussing “Why Do Men Shy Away From Intimacy?”  We dished on the most scrumptious details and shared our secrets of how to live and entice joy and radiance into our lives by being our one true self.  Are you ready to discover how to ask for what you truly need to THRIVE from life and your relationships?

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