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Friend, Lover, Married! Help!

Question:  I have a guy friend that is my best friend. And he’s having a rocky relationship in his marriage…we have gotten together. I have been single for nine years. How can I be nice and just let it go? I keep communicating this with him and he’s not listening!!  Read More →

Can’t Pry my Wife Away from Kids for Intimacy

Q: Allana, my wife is incredible. She does so much for our family that I would love to do something for her. Unfortunately, I can’t pry her away from the kids long enough to spend an intimate, relaxing day out by herself. How can I convince her that she needs to take care of herself?

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Is the Firing Burning Out in My Marriage?

Q: Allana, my wife and I decided to take a second honeymoon to this cute little quaint town and when we first arrived, we were like newlyweds. But after day 3, she has been sitting on the porch talking to other people instead of spending time with me. Did the fire burn out that fast? We took this trip because we were starting to grow apart. What should I do?

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She’s Uncomfortable Cuddling… After 11 years of Marriage!


Question: My wife isn’t a very affectionate woman and I have come to accept that with hope maybe she will change over time. 11 years later and she still gets really uncomfortable if I try to cuddle with her, hold her hand, or sit next to her. What gives?

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One Mistake and Now It’s All Over

Q: If only my conscious kicked in sooner, my life wouldn’t be in shambles.  I have been married for 20 years and never thought I would cheat on my wife, until I met S.H.  When I tried to end things after cross the line (taking it from innocent to adultery), she called my wife and told her everything!

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Tired of Babying My Husband

Q: My husband knows very little about woman.  Actually he knows nothing about women.  His father wasn’t present and he has only had one other girlfriend.  This constantly creates a huge issue in terms of our communication.  He doesn’t seem to be able to read me or my mood.  He doesn’t know how to make me feel like a woman: special, unique, a priority.  I don’t expect him to read my mind but I don’t feel like constantly telling him what’s going on or what he needs to do.  I’m babying him.

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