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I Want a 4th Child. He Wants a Vascetomy!

Q: Allana, I am the proud mother of three beautiful children; but, I have always wanted four. I know I made the age old mistake of not discussing how many children when I first got married but now that kid number 3 has arrived my husband has flat out said “No more kids!”. He wants a vasectomy. I’m heartbroken as I have always wanted a round number of children. Do you think this is fair? How can I change his mind?

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Can’t Pry my Wife Away from Kids for Intimacy

Q: Allana, my wife is incredible. She does so much for our family that I would love to do something for her. Unfortunately, I can’t pry her away from the kids long enough to spend an intimate, relaxing day out by herself. How can I convince her that she needs to take care of herself?

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Ex-Husband and I Want To Try Again

Q: My ex-husband and I are talking about starting again. When have two children and we never really stopped loving each other, we were just in two very different places in our lives. We want to try again but if things didn’t work out, we feel it would impact the kids even more. Any advice?

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Third Date Big Reveal – Kids!

Question: Allana, I met a wonderful woman and we had two incredible dates.  On the third date, she revealed she had children! Is it wrong to stop calling her? I have never wanted children and I don’t see that changing in my future.
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When Should I Mention Kids?

Question: When is it the right time to talk about kids with the person you are dating? Read More →

Kids Are Out of Control

Q: My kids are running circles around me and I feel like I don’t have control anymore.  The worst part is the judgment that comes from those around me.  We live in a small town and I can hear the whispers and I just want to hide behind a rock.  I just want to exclaim to them, “THEY’RE KIDS!”  What should I do?

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