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Tiny House versus Stable Marriage

I receive so many questions from my audience at The Good Men Project. Here is another…

Q:  Allana, how do you share a small space with another person without killing them? Seriously, that’s my question. My wife wants to try a tiny house, and I just don’t see how two people can live on top of each other without losing their sh!t.

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Overzealous Husband Outshines Wife

Q:  My husband is an extreme extrovert and I am more on the quiet side. It isn’t a thing until we go to a social gathering and he is part of everyone’s conversation. I mean he completely dominates them. I don’t want to tell him to ease up but in the rare moments when I do want to participate I feel as if I’m standing in the dark while he is hogging the spotlight. How do I convey this to him?

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