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Can’t Pry my Wife Away from Kids for Intimacy

Q: Allana, my wife is incredible. She does so much for our family that I would love to do something for her. Unfortunately, I can’t pry her away from the kids long enough to spend an intimate, relaxing day out by herself. How can I convince her that she needs to take care of herself?

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Letting Go of the Past

Q: How do I truly separate myself from my past and move forward? I have met someone that is incredible but I don’t feel like I completely healed from the destruction that was my last relationship.

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Out Numbered! They All Want Commitments

Q: Coach, I have been keeping it casual and dating a few women. Suddenly, all of them want a commitment! What should I do, should I let them all go?

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Old Dog Can’t Learn New Tricks

Q: My husband and I have been married for so long that our sex life is basically the same routine.  How can I amp it up? Can that old dog still learn a few new tricks?

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Found Topless Photos on Boyfriend’s Phone!

Q: I found a topless picture of another woman on my boyfriend’s phone. I asked him about it and he said he let his friend borrow his phone and the pictures were a joke. I pushed him to tell me what friend and he asked me to drop it and told me I was getting bent out of shape over nothing. Is he lying? Should I really just let it go and trust he is telling me the truth?

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Allana, should I trust love & dating advice from an astrologer?

Question:  Allana, should I trust love & dating advice from an astrologer?  Read More →