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Allana, what is your view on “The Prenup” Relationship Contract

Question: Allana, what do you think of the Prenup Relationship Contract?

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She’s not interested in sex recently!

Q: My girlfriend and I have been together for a couple of years now and she seems less interested in having sex lately. What can I do to spark her interest without seeming like I am always begging for more sex?

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Allana, how do you get such divine skin?

Seriously? I felt this wave of embarrassment wash over me when you asked that. Back when I was in dance class in my teens, I had horrible acne on my shoulder and all the acne drugs didn’t work. My Dad was a pharmacist and got me on this simple Sulfa drug and for some reason, it cleaned it all up by graduation, Thank God! Yet I remember not being able to wear a T-shirt in ballet class and KNOWING the girl behind me was grossed out. So humiliating. Read More →

My family and friends keep trying to set me up with men

Question: Most of my family and friends keep trying to set me up with men. Am I wrong for being so picky this late in life? For working so much?

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Intimate Conversations Highlights with Lisa Schrader

If you are ready to awaken the feminine yummy-ness  that can fuel our actions, instead of that will power of pushing, you will want to listen to this month’s Intimate Conversations Live.   To learn more about what Lisa has to teach about relationships can be found here: Read More →

Intimate Conversations Highlights with Bryan Reeves

Wow, wasn’t that just amazing? It was such a pleasure to have Bryan Reeves talk on Intimate Conversations Live, what a fantastic way to finish this years interviews off. If you missed the live interview don’t worry! You can still learn the secrets of why relationships really suck! You can learn more about Bryan in his bio below:

Today, Bryan lives in Los Angeles. He has a Masters Degree in Human Relations / Organizational Dynamics (University of Oklahoma). He is also a regular blog contributor to The Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, Raw Attraction Magazine, and Sexy Conscious Awake.

Bryan is a Transformational Life and Relationship Coach. Supporting couples and individuals in creating the delicious relationships, the exquisite lives, they’re aching for.


             “To  Serve  the World one Awakened Man, one Illuminated Woman, one Thriving Relationship at a Time.” Bryan Reeves.