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Can’t Pry my Wife Away from Kids for Intimacy

Q: Allana, my wife is incredible. She does so much for our family that I would love to do something for her. Unfortunately, I can’t pry her away from the kids long enough to spend an intimate, relaxing day out by herself. How can I convince her that she needs to take care of herself?

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Old Dog Can’t Learn New Tricks

Q: My husband and I have been married for so long that our sex life is basically the same routine.  How can I amp it up? Can that old dog still learn a few new tricks?

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Nuts and Bolts of the Female Orgasm

Orgasms are amazing, yes? Good for our heart, our skin, our emotions, our wellbeing.

And even though I’m not a doctor, here is my best shot at your wonderful detailed questions about orgasms…

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Wife and I No Longer Share a Bed

Q: Allana, I am worried.  My wife and I are no longer sharing a bed.  She told me that it was because she was having trouble sleeping. The thing is, we have always shared a bed! Am I missing a red flag? Is something wrong?

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Wife’s Addicted to Porn

Q: I just found out that my wife is addicted to porn.  Well, maybe not addicted but needs help because she watches it a lot.  While I think on the one hand it is super hot, I worry that I don’t add up to what she is seeing and she may be watching it because I just don’t do it for her like the men in the videos do.  Have you ever had a situation like this?

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Tone It Down or Ramp It Up?

Q: Allana, as my husband gets older he’s wanting to be more and more adventerous with our sex life.  I am little more on the conservative side to be honest.  Does  he need to calm down or do I need to ramp it up?

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