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What is energetic sex and how can I do it?

Question: Allana, what is ‘energetic sex’ and how can I do it?

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Making Love with the Universe on Mindfulness Mode

I just LOVE connecting with like-minded, grounded, raw individuals like myself. It fills me with such ecstasy to speak my truth and share my journey. This week, I had the pleasure to sit down with Bruce Langford of Mindfulness Mode. It was orgasmic! I can’t wait for you to check out the podcast.

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P.S. My Soul Shaking Conscious Relationship Workshop begins December 4th but the fun is happening now with our pre-workshop Challenge.  Sign up today:

Caught Girlfriend Kissing Another Man

Q: Allana, I feel as if my heart was just ripped out of my chest. I walked in on my girlfriend kissing another man. She gave a bunch of excuses but I just don’t know what to do.

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Desperately Need Space from Girlfriend

Q: My girlfriend is smothering me and when I bring it up, she gets defensive.  What gives?

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All the Kids are Gone and We Can’t Connect

Q: It started when the last child left the house and has gotten progressively worse. Communication is down to a few words per sentence.  Is this a sign?

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Too Desperate for Love

Q: I know I am being impatient but I am tired of being single. I am so desperate to be with someone that I would be willing to take anyone right now! Why am I like this?

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