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Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do with Thom Singer

I sat down with the extraordinarily amazing Thom Singer for his podcast this month.

Completely exposed, truly authentic, and ready for anything, I shared my path to a spiritual practice and how it has helped me build a life as an entrepreneur.

He loved my line about how I  “network’s with God”. If you missed this fantastic interview, you can listen to it below.

If what I say in this interview rings truth, speaks to you, calls to you – I invite you reach out and connect with me or email my manager at

Get Her To Say Yes – To Sex!

Deliciously Hot and Amazingly Yummy!  To get down and dirty with Kent Emmons and Adam Gilad on the Daily Dater – the only way I would love to spend my day!

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Live Sircuit: The Boom Doctors with Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert

On October 26th at 7pm PST – I will be raw, present, vulnerable, and open.  I will share how to be positive, healthy, and sexy at any age!  Tune in to The Boom Doctors, get comfortable, and get ready!

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Edgy Love Revealed Video Summit

A totally mind blowing experience! I was invited to be a part of this orgamiscally delightful video summit with 24 fellow experts! We talked about deep lasting love, authenticity, vulernability, fulfillment, and how opening yourself to more joy and pasion can not lonely lead to unbridles self-expression but ravishing sex! So much fun – enjoy.

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Awakening the Inner Fire – One True Self

On May 8th, I had the pleasure of sharing my inner tools for awakening the fire inside of you with the delightful Julia Griffin.

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Top 12 Intimacy Tips

What is an Intimacy Expert?

Intimacy= into me I see. If you look inside and there’s shame about sex, guilt about having pleasure, fear of being used… these thoughts lead to insecurity, yet also divorce, disease, depression…

and tragically, they disconnects us from the most important intimate relationship we could ever have… with our self…cellulite and all… totally at peace in our skin, which is damn sexy.


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