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Allana Gets Real with Deb Owen

I love to get intimate. I love authentic conversations. I love someone who can go eye to eye with me as a listener… truly listening, not just waiting for me to stop talking to ask another question, oblivious to what I just said.


Deb is a GREAT communicator. She asked questions that made me come alive. She knew the dance of listening and talking, sharing her journey and inviting me go deeper and deeper based on the space she could hold.

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I knew he wasn’t the One in ten minutes!


I recently went on a first date and knew within the first 10 minutes that I was not interested.  He, however, seemed very interested.  In that situation is it best to be honest and upfront and end the date early, or should I sit through the meal and waste his time?


First is that have coffee as a first date which is so much easier to leave more swiftly. Second, he’s a human being! He may not be the one yet there must be some interaction of value to be had… some gift in the exchange, yes? Be gracious, kind and grateful and honor his time. You were drawn to meet him for some reason, maybe it’s a non related dating topic, yet be open to the gift he may have for you, and you for him.

More juicy advice in the video!

Love & Light,


My wife passed away, when is it time to date again?


My wife passed away last year after a long battle with cancer.  She was the love of my life and I still miss her a lot.  I feel like I am ready to begin dating again – not anything serious, but companionship would be nice. The problem is that I have two adult children that are still very much grieving the loss of their Mother and I don’t want my choice to date to hurt them in any way.  What is an appropriate time to begin dating again after the loss of a spouse, and how I should approach this topic with my kids?
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Behind the Scenes of BB&R

So check out what happened when I interviewed Nassim… totally could have judged myself big time, yet chose to just be real, forgive myself and tell the truth.

When you mess up, where do you go? Do you abuse yourself? Blame others? Hide? Feel like crap? Do you laugh? Take ownership? Apologize? Get back on the horse?

Whenever you grow, risk and expand, you’re bound to fall down and have to get back up. What would it take for you to be kind to yourself as you wobble and fly?

Huge love,  Allana xooxox

Intimate Conversations With Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero, bestselling author, success coach, and motivational cattle prod, joins Intimate Conversations to talk about her book, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.

Jen left California in early 2011 to travel the world indefinitely and encourage as many people as possible to live lives of unbridled awesomeness!  She’s spoken on stages all over the world and has coached full-on super heroes, helping her clients build their dream businesses, become NY Times Bestselling authors, navigate million dollar business deals, find their soul mates, and forgive their “bitchy mothers” who they now realize were doing the best they could.  You might have seen or heard of Jen and her book on The Howard Stern Show, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, Interview, and Allure Magazines. That IS pretty badass!!! Read More →

Intimate Conversations with Yasmin Vorajee

Yasmin Vorajee is an amazing and passionate coach for women leaders and entrepreneurs. With over a decade of education and experience in the field of leadership development, Yasmin is a powerful advocate for women who want to lead and embrace the brilliance within themselves.  She believes every woman must harness the power and passion of others, and she wants to help you do that in the most authentic and inspiring way.  Yasmin’s clients have described her as inspirational, the rocket they needed, and left them feeling as if they could move mountains.

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