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Am I Getting the Brush-off?

A favorite from my Good Men Project series:

Q: I have been dating a great girl lately but she has been working late and she has not been returning my texts. When she does return my text she says she just got them but I know she carries her phone on her all the time. Is she giving me the brush off? What did I do wrong?

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Threatened by My Father-in-Law

Q: I get it but enough is enough!  My father-in-law is a nice enough man, but every once drops a few subtle threats about what would happen if I hurt his daugther. We’ve been married for 10 yrs!

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Don’t Want to Hide My Friends

Q: Before I was married, all of my friends were male.  I don’t know – I just connect with the better.  That is how my husband and I met.  Now that we are married, he has an issue with my guy friends. His point of view – as long as he doesn’t know they exist, I can have them in my life. That just doesn’t seem right to me. I try to honor him by making sure all my friends are female but I don’t know if he is in the wrong telling me to hide it or if I should be ashamed for considering male friends?

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Love My Kids, Hate My Wife

Q: Allana, I would do absolutely anything for my children but I hate my wife.  I only married her because she was pregnant and stayed so that my children would have both parents.  I don’t want to be unfaithful because I don’t want to risk losing my girls.

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She Makes Everything a Priority, Except Me

Q: My wife doesn’t make me a priority.  I pick fights just so he knows I still exist! How can I show her that I am just as important as everything else in her life?

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Tolerate the Passive Aggressiveness or Leave?

Q: Two year in a rocky relationship and I have had it with the passive aggressive behavior.  Do I stay and accept who he is or accept our differences and release him?

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