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Divorce is Killing Me

Q: Between the fighting, the lawyers, and the underhanded berating – I have had it with my husband (prayfully ex-husband). I am tired of the lies and the backstabbing Allana. How can I survive this divorce? It is killing me!

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Parents Fighting the Reason For Being Single?

Question: My parents fought a lot when I was younger and I feel that created a block in me. How can I move past this hangup? Could this be the reason why I remain single? Read More →

No Money Talk!

Q: My husband and I differ completely when it comes to money. He wants to talk about it and I don’t! I have heard the number one fight between couples is money. How do I get him to understand we don’t share the same views.

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Can’t Communicate With Husband

Q: My husband and I have two different styles of communicating and fight all the time. How do we skip the frustration and learn to just talk to each other?

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Date Was Great But Now In The Friend-Zone


Question: I have gone out on a few dates with this amazing woman only to find out that she just wants to be friends.  She said “we would fight all the time”!  How can she assume how our relationship would be without even giving it a chance?

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She Wants Out!

Question: I think my girlfriend is trying to dump me.  Everything has been a fight lately.  She is turning the simplest things, like making the bed or washing the dishes, into the fight of the century.  Should I just go ahead and end it for her instead of dealing with this nonsense?
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