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Intimate Conversations Highlights with Lisa Schrader

If you are ready to awaken the feminine yummy-ness  that can fuel our actions, instead of that will power of pushing, you will want to listen to this month’s Intimate Conversations Live.   To learn more about what Lisa has to teach about relationships can be found here: Read More →

How to Live Deeply Fulfilling and Financially Free Lives








What an honor!  I was recently interviewed by the amazingly inspirational Cyndie, who founded Feminine Mastery. We shared personal formulas that we use to live deeply fulfilling & financially free lives, the emotions existing behind the embodiment of the sexual and financial freedom and how to love yourself enough to be able to be one with the Universe.

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Feminine Mastery Series

I have the honor of being approached by SO many incredible coaches to do webinars, teleseminars, radio interviews, and tv interviews.  While I choose to believe I am making a contribution to the universe with my knowledge, I am always taken back by how much I grow through each experience.  The Feminine Mastery series was no exception.

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