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Competing For Husband’s Desire

Q: Allana, my husband has a crush on you. While I thought it was cute after first, it made me start to get a little insecure when he made your pole dancing, birthday party pictures his desktop wallpaper. While you are a Goddess to which I can not hold a candle, I feel like I’m standing in your shadow. What can I do to get my husband to desire me as much as he seems to desire you?

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Trouble With My Boss

Q: I have a female boss who is constantly cutting me down.  I always believe women should empower each other but lately I feel like I can’t do anything right.  She is bringing out a side of me that I hate.  How can I get her to understand that I am doing the best I can.

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Choosing to Design Change

Throwback to 2012:


One of my best friends, Cathy Yost from Canada, gave me this exercise about choosing a word for 2012. We’re getting up early tomorrow morning to talk on Skype to have our first delicious connection of the year, can’t wait to hear her word!

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Are you a Reluctant MILF?


I know how exhausted you are, no tag team to take out the trash, help you with taxes, make the kids lunches, it’s easy to put off dating until they’re in college. Don’t be a reluctant MILF! A thriving sensual life gives you energy, confidence AND playfullness with the kids. I pole dance, back of the truck has stripper shoes and a baseball bag.

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Intimate Conversations Highlights with Peter Scott

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, I had the pleasure of talking with the phenomenal Peter Scott! He has completely transformed his life and brought us along his amazing journey. He is simply amazing.
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How Does Super Woman Catch a Man?


Question: I’m a single mother of two beautiful girls. I have an awesome job and own my own home. So why is it hard for a man to take interest in me? I don’t want to keep carrying this load alone. What can I do to show that I’m supermom, but not superwoman?

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