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Tired of Being Belittled

Q: I am so sick and tired of my wife undermining me in from our friends and family. She doesn’t even try to hide it.  She flat out calls me names and she belittles me. I have told her to stop but she doesn’t understand the issue. How can she not?

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Tired of Babying My Husband

Q: My husband knows very little about woman.  Actually he knows nothing about women.  His father wasn’t present and he has only had one other girlfriend.  This constantly creates a huge issue in terms of our communication.  He doesn’t seem to be able to read me or my mood.  He doesn’t know how to make me feel like a woman: special, unique, a priority.  I don’t expect him to read my mind but I don’t feel like constantly telling him what’s going on or what he needs to do.  I’m babying him.

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