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Big Fight with Mom! Will She Ruin My Wedding?

Q: My wedding is in two weeks and I had a huge falling out with my mother. I lost contact with my father when I was young so she is my only family. What should I do? She is being really stubborn but I feel as if I should cave in just so she will be at my wedding. My concern is that caving in will only implode in the long run.

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Not Daddy’s Girl on Father’s Day

Q: I have been a long time reader of your newsletter.  In most cases, women who coach men or help men are very close to their fathers; but, I don’t feel this is the case with you. Can you tell us more about your relationship with your dad?

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Are We Ready To Live Together?

Question: I am 57 years old and only have 3 more years until retirement.  My “friend” wants me to settle down with him once I retire.  We’ve been together for almost 5 years and he really wants to get married.  My daughter thinks we should be in the same area together before moving in together.  What do you think?

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Newly Discovered 2 year old Daughter


Q: After two years, my ex has decided to come after me for child support about a daughter I never knew existed! I missed two years of my daughter’s life because of this woman!  Now, the only reason I even know she was born is so my ex can make money off of it.  I have no desire to take it out on my daughter but I hate my ex for doing this to me.

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My Daugther is Being Bullied

Question: I am having issues with my daughter’s school. She is currently being bullied. I have spoken to the school, first to her teacher who stated she knew the bullying was taking place, then to the school. No one is doing anything. I have stated that I would just homeschool my child and now they are bullying me! They keep telling me that their school is fine with nice children. What would you do? It never stops. I feel as if people are just here to drain you – grief or no grief.


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