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Intimate Conversations with Cari Murphy

What a delicious treat it is to have the gorgeous Goddess Cari Murphy join me this week for Intimate Conversations LIVE! Cari is one of those beautiful souls that you just know right from the get-go, that you’re really going to connect with.

She literally radiates goodness, consciousness, sexiness and fabulousness. The last time she and I were together was on her radio talk show, The Cari Murphy Show: Straight Talk for the Soul… (award winning, internationally syndicated show, that is). So I am overjoyed that this time around I get to feature her and learn even more about her, and I’m honored to have the pleasure of diving deep into her work, her message and her inspiration.
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It all lead to this… The past 21 days I have been completely transformed by being Brave, Bold, and Raw with each of you. This journey together began with a dream (Kelly Sullivan-Walden) and came to the climax as I spoke with Adam Gilad about cultivating intimacy, wealth, and spirit (and Earth Root!). It went by SO fast! This whole experience has been delicious ’till the last drop!!

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