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Intimate Conversations Highlights with Betsy Chasse

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, Betsy Chasse joined us once again and WOW!  As usual, I took away so much from this sassy woman.  Betsy is so down to earth and has such a beautiful soul, that there is no way you won’t take away lessons as well!
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Intimate Conversations Highlights with Rusty Stewart

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, I got to get down and dirty with Rusty Stewart.  He is such a breath of fresh air.  Intelligent, bad ass, deep, and profound, all wrapped up in one amazing package.
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I Gave Up Me…For Her

You put your dreams on hold to let her’s soar.  You held back on your wants, needs, desires to give her space and freedom.  You gave up everything for her…including yourself.

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Intimate Conversations Highlights with Melanie Tonia Evans

Hi all of you beautiful people!  This week, Allana is away at a conference so we have chosen a super awesome rerun of one of Allana’s favorite shows. She’s sorry that she couldn’t create a fresh video because her son was sick at home, but she wanted you to know that she is going through Melanies course right now and it’s awesome!  She really recommends it and hopes you take away as much as she is from it. Read More →

I Lost Me in My Marriage

Question: I have been married for 10 years and to make my marriage work, I have changed a lot of things about myself. The problem is I don’t feel like me anymore – I feel like a shell of who I was, as if I gave away all of my power to make my husband happy. There has to be a balance that I am missing.

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Reconnecting with YOU

What if the key to finding the love of your life was YOU?  Your relationship with yourself is the secret weapon to everything!  It decides who you are, who you will be with, and what is possible in your life.

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