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Is it OK to Compromise Your Values for Money?

Q: When is it OK to compromise your personal values and beliefs for the sake of money? I have been offered a job that goes against everything that I believe but the salary is UNBELIEVABLE! I don’t want to be a sell out but mama’s gotta pay the bills. What would you do if you were me? Would you hold onto your true core or would you push it aside for those dollar signs?

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Husband Wants To Enter Dangerous Line of Work

Q:  How do I make the fighting stop?  My husband wants to enter a dangerous line of work and I refuse to agree with it. He argues that he wants to support our family and feels as if this is his only option.  He keeps accusing me of standing in the way. I told him if he was to pursue it, I wanted nothing to do with it or him. I just can’t see a way to compromise with him and I don’t want to lose him. Please help!

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