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I Want Kids, He Doesn’t

Q: My husband and I are about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. For a decade, it has just been the two of us which has been great but I am starting to feel an emptiness. We talked about getting a pet but I think I want to add children. Neither of us wanted kids before but things change, people change, I changed. How do ease someone into a conversation like that?

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Which Should I Choose? The BF or the Dog?

Question: Before my boyfriend, my favorite companion was my dog. My boyfriend has always been kind to her; however, we have been talking about moving in together and he keeps picking places that don’t allow pets.  Is he making me choose? Read More →

Can’t Communicate With Husband

Q: My husband and I have two different styles of communicating and fight all the time. How do we skip the frustration and learn to just talk to each other?

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Role Shift. Now I’m The Breadwinner

Q: My partner and I have shifted roles in our marriage.  He has been the breadwinner for the past nine years but recently stepped down to pursue a different career.  Now, I am the breadwinner; however, I now feel like I shouldn’t have to play maid, chef, lover, therapist to him when he is home. He always wanted me to understand his space when he was working but now he expects me to be the loving wife even though I’m supporting us as well. Any thoughts?

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Is There a Threesome in My Future?

Question: My girl is completely comfortable in her skin and with her sexuality.  She constantly talks about other woman, who she finds attractive, and who she would date if she was a guy.  What are the chances that I could get her into a threesome?
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Wife Using Sex as a Weapon


Your wife is using sex to manipulate you.  Bottom line – she takes it off the table to get her way.  While your relationship hasn’t been the best lately, you feel emasculated, irritated, and frustrated that she would stoop to such low levels to get your attention.

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