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Overzealous Husband Outshines Wife

Q:  My husband is an extreme extrovert and I am more on the quiet side. It isn’t a thing until we go to a social gathering and he is part of everyone’s conversation. I mean he completely dominates them. I don’t want to tell him to ease up but in the rare moments when I do want to participate I feel as if I’m standing in the dark while he is hogging the spotlight. How do I convey this to him?

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Allana Gets Real with Deb Owen

I love to get intimate. I love authentic conversations. I love someone who can go eye to eye with me as a listener… truly listening, not just waiting for me to stop talking to ask another question, oblivious to what I just said.


Deb is a GREAT communicator. She asked questions that made me come alive. She knew the dance of listening and talking, sharing her journey and inviting me go deeper and deeper based on the space she could hold.

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