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Fun “Bedroom Solutions” for Money Trouble

Question: My wife and I seem to continuously argue about money. Is there anything that we can do in the bedroom to help?

Answer: You know that fake money that you can get? Like Monopoly money… Well, go buy a million dollars worth of that and then sprinkle it ALL over your bed! Make love with your lover on it. Roll around in it and feel yourselves receiving. Feel the energy all around you and take it in. Allowing yourself to receive abundance in the form of love making and recognizing the feeling is a great start. Then, you can start that practice in other areas of your life, in other ways.

I give three examples of how you can do this. Watch my video response to hear the rest.

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Can This Marriage Be Saved?


I’ll call them Sandy and Joe. Joe couldn’t slow down enough to be truly present and intimate with Sandy. Sandy’s frustrations about this made her feel lonely within the marriage and her dissatisfaction pushed Joe further away. Joe’s heart was so emasculated from his past marriage that if she was upset, he couldn’t really hear her without tuning out in fear. Sandy was angry that she left her job to be at home to be with Joe more, yet she felt ignored or abandoned by his lack of intimate connection.

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Don’t Make Me Have Sex With My Husband!


Question: I’m turned off by my husband and I’m not sure why. I just don’t really have a desire to have sex with him, although I love him dearly and he’s very good to me. What’s wrong with me? What I can do to turn this around?

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Is It A Good Idea To Live Together Before We Get Married?

You asked Coach Allana Pratt, “My girlfriend and I are getting married soon; however, we have talked about living together before we tie the knot.  Is that a good idea?  What are the pros and cons?”
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How Long Should I Wait to Have Sex With Someone?


So you’re back on the dating scene after a devastating breakup? That’s wonderful news! But you aren’t sure just when it’s right to have sex again.

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My mom’s in love with my personal trainer!

Question: My mother is in love with my personal trainer. She doesn’t know he exists. We think she is making up a relationship in her head. She even took his picture and is showing it to her friends, as if he is her man. What can we do before this gets awkward for everyone?
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