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Is the a Drop Dead Time on Friends With Benefits?

Should there be an expiration date to friends with benefits? Well that depends not on the friends with benefits, that depends on what you want.


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Sexually Abused Spouse. How Can I Be Supportive?

Question: My wife suffered from sexual abuse as a child, and while she’s been fine most of our marriage, suddenly she’s developed panic attacks when we make love. How can I help her through this?

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Dream of Marriage…Dread Commitment!

Fear of committment
Q: You asked Allana, “I have a problem with commitment but I would love to be married some day. How on earth can I find the one if I don’t want to settle down?”
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How to Live Deeply Fulfilling and Financially Free Lives








What an honor!  I was recently interviewed by the amazingly inspirational Cyndie, who founded Feminine Mastery. We shared personal formulas that we use to live deeply fulfilling & financially free lives, the emotions existing behind the embodiment of the sexual and financial freedom and how to love yourself enough to be able to be one with the Universe.

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Intimate Conversations With Lori Anderson

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, I am so excited to have the wonderful Lori Anderson!  Lori is a world changer whose gift is equipping people to discover their passion and purpose.  She is a dynamic and compassionate inspirational coach, writer and speaker.  It is her passion to help people Divorce with Grace.

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Intimate Conversations With Alain Torres


This week on Intimate Conversations Live, I am so excited to have the wonderful Alain Torres! He is a man who walks the talk and is in a power conscious relationship. Alain Torres guides world-renowned Power Couples and Power Players to break free of their patterns and stop clashing heads. He helps them create a space for both partners to get on the same page, so they can stop feeling exhausted and rise to the top of their business empire.

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