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Teach My Girls not to Need a Man

Q: I am a single mother of two beautiful twin girls and I feel so pressured when it comes to dating because not only am I bringing a man around my children, I am also modeling how to be a woman to my daughters and it is scary. How do I teach them to be a strong independent women who doesn’t need a man while Mommy is trying to find a man!

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Wife Doesn’t Trust Me With Our Children

Q: My wife doesn’t trust me with our children.  She hovers and if anything happens, I never hear the end of it.  She messes up too!  How can I get her to see that I am just as good of a parent as she is.

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Secretly Sabotaging To Win Custody

Q: I have been secretly sabotaging my husband’s relationship with our kids because I want to file for divorce and have sole custody. He has been having an affair for the past three years and I don’t think he deserves to walk away with anything. Am I wrong or is he getting what he deserves?

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Married Without Children

Q: I really don’t understand why people get married if they are not going to have kids.  What’s the point?

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When Should I Share That I Have a Child

Q:   How do you find the right time when seeing someone new to mention that you have a child? I really like this woman that I just started dating but I don’t want to scare her off.
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My Daugther is Being Bullied

Question: I am having issues with my daughter’s school. She is currently being bullied. I have spoken to the school, first to her teacher who stated she knew the bullying was taking place, then to the school. No one is doing anything. I have stated that I would just homeschool my child and now they are bullying me! They keep telling me that their school is fine with nice children. What would you do? It never stops. I feel as if people are just here to drain you – grief or no grief.


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