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Help! I am Self-Sabotaging My Love Life!

In the words of Adele – “They say times supposed to heal ya, but ain’t done much healing.”  Five years.  Five years have passed and it still stings.  The wound is still fresh and won’t repair itself.  Every time you close you eyes it feels as if it happening all over again.  Each step forward is met with two steps back.  So how do you move on?

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I Can’t Stand My Girlfriend’s Friends!

Question: My girl’s friends truly annoy me. Her best friend is the worst. I can’t stand being around them What’s a guy to do?

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I have custody of my 3 kids (and no more action!)

Question: I am 59 years old, I am a man, I have custody of my three teenage kids. When I had the place to myself, women were everywhere, but now – they just lose interest. Or maybe it’s me…

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Trusting After A Break-up

Q:   I am having trouble trusting women after a break-up.
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How to go from Devastated to Delicious after a Divorce


I remember when my husband and I separated, he went off to NYC to get laid for the weekend. Lovely. Then he married MY female financial advisor who found out a millionaire was on the loose. Ouch.

When my clients tell me war stories of him leaving her for a younger woman, her taking him to the cleaners, the betrayals, abandonment and cruelty that goes on, the first thing to help them out of stuck sorrow is to get angry.

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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Grace Fraga

Grace Fraga is so damn funny and even moreso, she is honest and tells it how it is.  I had such a good time getting down and dirty in the thick of dealing with bad relationships with her.  This interview will leave you shaking your head in agreement and with hurting cheeks from all the laughs.

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