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Getting Baby Fever

Q: I just found out two of my friends are pregnant and it has me having babies on the brain.  We decided two was enough but now I think I want to try for number three. Should I just go for it and stop taking my pill? Maybe he will be happy once I tell him I’m pregnant or should I try to convince him that we should have another child.

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When Should I Talk About Sex, Baby?

You asked, “Allana, How soon in a relationship should you talk about sex, baby?”
When to talk about babies

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“Where Babies Come From”

My clients often send me funny little jokes, inspirational photos… It’s only the odd hooligans that send me photos of their penises (can you believe it?)

So anyhoooo, a great client sent me this funny joke about kids telling where babies come from… I immediately thought about that Mom in the joke AFTER the baby had arrived… Did she take time for her? Was she running on empty? Had she lost her identity? Was she exhausted and blaming herself?

Or did she learn what I learned and wrote about in my book Missing Handbook to Motherhood so she could be happy, healthy, juicy and alive? I wish someone had told ME about the tips, tools and practices that are in my book… AND also given me permission to fill up my tank before I was the walking dead… for when my cup runneth over.

I am an amazing Mom! When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!