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Dream of Marriage…Dread Commitment!

Fear of committment
Q: You asked Allana, “I have a problem with commitment but I would love to be married some day. How on earth can I find the one if I don’t want to settle down?”
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Am I Creating Problems Just For Attention?

Your wife has called you out!  She says that she is tired of the endless fighting, just so you can feel loved.  She believes you are only picking fights because you want her attention.  Is she right, are you finding ways to get attention from her, even if it is negative?

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Empty Nester Feeling So Alone

Q: I thought I would feel such freedom when my 18 year old left home but I have never felt so alone. I was so focused on him, raising him as a single mom that now I do not know how to “do me”.

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Her Husband or Her Crush?

Every conversation leads back to “him”.  No matter what you discuss, the topic, the situation – she always finds a way to bring it back to “him”.  She doesn’t even realize she’s in love with him.  Her whole face lights up when she talks about him.  Problem is, “he” is not her husband.

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Be Kind To My Erectile Dysfunction

Question: I am so tired of the double standard when it comes to sexual performance. If a woman is having an issue with her sexuality or is not in a mood, men are supposed to be sympathetic; but, if we are having ED problems or other related trouble getting it up – we are chastised for it. Why should there be a difference? Don’t both situations deserve compassion and tolerance?
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I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Ex


Question: My greatest challenge for the last two months has been working on letting go of my former girlfriend, but I haven’t had much success. I have been reaching out but I haven’t found much solace in doing so. I am hoping you can help.

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