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Am I Too Old to Catch a Man?

Q: Allana, at 43 I don’t feel as if I am good enough to “catch myself a man”, as my sister so kindly puts it. Any sage advice?

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46 is Not Old!

Q: Allana, 46 is not old! I am livid every time someone refers to you as an old woman. This rant started when someone made a comment that they were impressed that Jennifer Lopez still had it in her 40s. They are SHOCKED that she can still stand upright and breathe or something?  46 is not old! I turn 46 in September and I still Salsa once a week, I still rock climb with my husband, I still do everything a 20 year old can do.  Doesn’t this bother you at all, Allana? I’m just curious as you seem to pole dance and I don’t know if the idiots in this world are shocked that you do something so youthful (in their opinion, not mine because I think it’s hot!)

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Practice Makes Perfect? The Oral Sex Dilemma

Are we ever too old to learn something new?  No!  Each day brings a new lesson, adventure, eye-opening experience that we have never had before!  Opening ourselves to receive the energy from that is what makes us grow and be better than ever!

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